Volume & Issue: Volume 44, Issue 4, December 2023 (OCTOBER- DECEMBER) 
Subsidization Agricultural Production Requirements for the Most Important Strategic Crops in Egypt

Pages 515-526

Mohamed Ahmed Abdel-Mohsen Mohamed; Mohamed Salah AbdElSalam Kandeel; Salwa Mohamed Ahmed Abdelmonem; Mohamed Bedair Eleraky

Antimicrobial and Antioxidant Activities of Propolis Water and Ethanolic Extracts

Pages 563-572

Marian Assaad; Effat Gouda Mohamed; Malak A. Helmy; Saad H. Masry

Economics of Broiler Chicken Production in Egypt, Aswan Governorate

Pages 573-581

Salwa Mohamed Ahmed Abdelmonem; Mohamed Sayed Shehata; Osama Mahmoud M. Zaatar; Yousra Hamdy Attia

An Analytical Study of The Production and Consumption of Some Oil Crops in The Arab Republic of Egypt

Pages 593-614

Ibrahim Hamed Hamed Mohamed; Mohamed Bedair Eleraky; Mohamed Salah AbdElSalam Kandeel

Estimation of the Supply Response Function for Sesame Crop in Qena Governorate

Pages 769-781

Somia Jadallah Hassan; Salwa M. A. Abdel Moneim; Mohamed S. S. Mohamed

Is the Presence of Honeybees Having an Impact on Solitary Bee Species Abundance?

Pages 805-813

Fatma Ramadan Hetita; Nabil S. El-Barbary; Mohamed A. Shebl; Mohamed E. M. Esmaeil

Economic Analysis of Agricultural Investment in Egypt

Pages 1015-1032

Nora Mahmoud Rabie; Eman R Elkhyat; Asmaa Bahloul

Analysis of the Sources of Changes in the Growth of Wheat Crop Production in Egypt during the Period 2000-2020

Pages 1123-1146

Ahmed Abou El-Yazid El-Rasoul; Sameh Mohamed Shehab; Mai Mustafa Morsi; Azza H. M. Nasr

Adoption of Farmers for Innovative Agricultural Technologies in Rice Cultivation at Kafr El-Sheikh Governorate

Pages 1165-1187

Moemen ELsayd Naeem ELsharkawy; Mohamed Ahmed Nawara; Hossam Mohamed Hassn EL Deyasti