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Alexandria Science Exchange Journal is an international Journal of Science and Agricultural Environments is published quarterly by Prof. Dr. A. M. Balba Soc. for Soil and Water Research (A Scientific Society supported by the Acadamy of Scientific Research and Technology and Registered under No.734, 1981 according to the law No.32, 1964).The journal is administered by an international Board.

Editorial Policy

Alexandria Science Exchange Journal publishes original research papers in the field of Science and Agricultural Environments. Papers of good quality are invited from any country. They should show how research has helped towards the understanding or solution of problems. Some issues of the Journal are devoted to specific themes.
Current Issue: Volume 44, Issue 4, December 2023 (OCTOBER- DECEMBER) 

Subsidization Agricultural Production Requirements for the Most Important Strategic Crops in Egypt

Pages 515-526

Mohamed Ahmed Abdel-Mohsen Mohamed; Mohamed Salah AbdElSalam Kandeel; Salwa Mohamed Ahmed Abdelmonem; Mohamed Bedair Eleraky

Alternative Growing Media for Producing Squash Transplants in North Sinai Region

Pages 539-549

Taghreed Ali Badawi; Norhan M. Tayseer; Sally A. Ismail

Antimicrobial and Antioxidant Activities of Propolis Water and Ethanolic Extracts

Pages 563-572

Marian Assaad; Effat Gouda Mohamed; Malak A. Helmy; Saad H. Masry

Economics of Broiler Chicken Production in Egypt, Aswan Governorate

Pages 573-581

Salwa Mohamed Ahmed Abdelmonem; Mohamed Sayed Shehata; Osama Mahmoud M. Zaatar; Yousra Hamdy Attia

An Analytical Study of The Production and Consumption of Some Oil Crops in The Arab Republic of Egypt

Pages 593-614

Ibrahim Hamed Hamed Mohamed; Mohamed Bedair Eleraky; Mohamed Salah AbdElSalam Kandeel

Management Approaches of Sage Root Rot Disease and plant Productivity by Biological Control under Organic Farming System

Pages 655-673

Wessam M. Serag El-Din; Seham M. A. El-Gamal; Mona S.M Mohamed; Mohamed F.A. Ahmed

Economic Analysis of Agricultural Investment in Egypt

Pages 1015-1032

Nora Mahmoud Rabie; Eman R Elkhyat; Asmaa Bahloul

Analysis of the Sources of Changes in the Growth of Wheat Crop Production in Egypt during the Period 2000-2020

Pages 1123-1146

Ahmed Abou El-Yazid El-Rasoul; Sameh Mohamed Shehab; Mai Mustafa Morsi; Azza H. M. Nasr