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Alexandria Science Exchange Journal is a Journal of Science and Agricultural Environments published quarterly by Prof. Dr. A. M. Balba Soc. for Soil and Water Research (A Scientific Society supported by the Acadamy of Scientific Research and Technology and Registered under No.734, 1981 according to the law No.32, 1964). The journal is administered by an international Board.

Editorial Policy

Alexandria Science Exchange Journal publishes original research papers in the field of Science and Agricultural Environments. Papers of good quality are invited from any country. They should show how research has helped towards the understanding or solution of problems. Some issues of the Journal are devoted to specific themes.
Current Issue: Volume 45, Issue 2, June 2024 (APRIL-JUNE) 

Awareness of Alexandria University’s Youth about Reproductive Health Issues and Suggestion Extensional Program

Pages 283-310

Laila M. Elkhodary; Neven Mostafa Hafez; Esraa Saeed Abdul hafez; Ahmed Samir Ado donia

A Future Vision for Activating Management Mechanisms for some Economic Projects in the North Sinai Sector

Pages 407-420

Safaa Ibrahim Mahmoud Ahmed Allam; Samir Abdel Azim Mustafa Mohamed; Mohamed Tahseen Mohamed Ahmed