The Impact of The Current Conflict on Sustainable Development in Yemen

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Dept of Environment sciences, Faculty of marine & Environmental Sciences Al-Hodiedah Univ.Yemen


Sustainable development is the methodological strategy that the world seeks today in a way that ensures that the rights of future generations will not be compromised. It should be noted here that conflicts in general are among the biggest enemies of sustainable development at all. The research problem is summarized in the following question: What is the impact of the current conflict on development in Yemen. In general, the research aimed to identify the impact of the current conflict in Yemen on per individual income level and on natural and environmental resources, education, health and water. The research used the method of descriptive statistical analysis and quantitative economic analysis, and the research relied on the primary data obtained through the questionnaire form for a sample of 224 individuals The most important results were: It reached 66.96%, 66.52%, 66.07%, 61.16% and 60.27%. And that about 79.46% of the total opinions of the study sample were their views towards the need to build strong institutions, and that 74.55% believed that laws and legislations should be enacted to sustain development, 72.77% by rationalizing the consumption of available resources, 71.43% by stopping the squandering of those resources, and 70.54% by increasing interest in integrating all groups of society Also, about 96.87% of the total sample of the study wished to achieve peace, and the level of water service availability was weak in each of (Taiz, Sana’a, Hodeidah, Ibb and Aden), while the level of service was acceptable in each of (Al-Mukalla and Seiyun), The calculated chi-square value also indicates that there is a significant difference at the level of 0.01% between the cities in the study sample in terms of the availability of water service by local institutions.
From all of the above, and according to the general trend of the opinions of the sample members, it can be concluded that the current conflict in Yemen has negative effects of high levels on all aspects of political, economic, social, environmental and humanitarian life.


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