Volume & Issue: Volume 45, Issue 1, March 2024 (JANUARY- MARCH) 
The Gap and Food Security of Poultry Meat in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Pages 117-129

Nawaf M.F. Al Harajin; Mohamed S. Shehata; Salwa M.A. Abdel Moneim

Social Variables Affecting the Reproductive Behavior of Rural Women in Some of Villages Sohag Governorate

Pages 101-114

Ftian Yassin Ali; Mohamed Nasr Kabak Omar; Soha Ibrahem Mohamed; Rabab Selim ElSerafy

Economic Study for Maize Yield in Egypt

Pages 131-155

Ahmed Mansour Gerish; Bassant A. A. Abdou

The Benefit of Farmers' usage of the Early Warning Application for Climate in Some villages of Aswan Governorate

Pages 239-253

Hala Shokry Abd El-Fattah Noseir; Eman Diaa EL-Deen Mohamed M. Souka; Beelal Ali Abd El-Hameed Ali