The Residents’ Perception of the Obstacles and Prospects Facing Alexandria's Maritime and Coastal Tourism

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National Institute of oceanography and fisheries


This research aimed to study the residents’ perception of the obstacles and prospects facing Alexandria's maritime and coastal tourism. Several the following sub-objectives can help achieve this goal: 1- Studying some the respondents' personal, Socio- economic characteristics. 2- A study of residents’ perception regarding an Egyptian marine and coastal tourism strategy. 3- A study of the residents’ perception of competitiveness—boosting the competitiveness of coastal and marine travel. 4- A study of the residents’ perception of sustainability—the expansion of sustainable tourism in coastal and maritime areas. 5- A study of the perception and character of Alexandria's coastline and maritime areas were enhanced by the respondents' thoughts. Research data were collected from 745 respondents using a personal interview questionnaire. The results show that the respondents have an excellent understanding of coastal and maritime tourism. Non-beach tourism activities were among the most relevant tourism initiatives aimed at developing the marine and coastal economies in Alexandria, which leads to a competitive and sustainable economy at the same time. The most important obstacles to the competitiveness of the coastal and marine tourism sub-sector were those related to seasonality, sustainability, and innovation. The necessity of having a plan that protects the natural and physical environments was also given a high priority by the respondents. Finally, the research presented several recommendations, including establishing monitoring programs and indicators, enhancing communication between different disciplines, enhancing tourism information, encourage flexibility and pro-active handling of emergencies, and disseminating knowledge.


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