The Positive and Negative Impact of Electronic Games on the Individual and Society

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Specializing in Maternity, Childhood and Family Care - Department of Home Economics - Faculty of Agriculture - Alexandria University


The aim of this study is recognition the positive and negative impact of electronic games on the individual and society.
As it has been shown that electronic games are a double-edged sword, just as they have positives, there are negatives. Among the positives of electronic games is that they push for contemplation and thinking, encourage creative solutions, help in forming social relationships, a sense of achievement, and activate attention and focus, and an opportunity to develop the ability to build a sense of initiative and planning. And training in dealing with modern technologies, and electronic games have achieved the trengthening of the English language for its users0 although there are many advantages to electronic games, they have complex negative aspects that show their effects on the individual in particular and on society in general. Among the negatives of electronic games are that they have health effects, psychological and behavioral effects, social effects, and religious effects, as well as academic effects, and many see From researchers, the ease of circulating electronic games on mobile devices has contributed to an increase in the incidence of addictive behavior patterns, and electronic games, with their morals and negative thoughts, may lead to more separation for families, human interdependence with others, and the child’s association with Western values ​​and ethics that separate him from his community and his authenticity. As it leads to weak social communication in the family and society as a whole, electronic games also call for vice and promote pornographic ideas that corrupt the minds of children and adolescents. On societies, previous studies have proven that the rate of murder and theft has increased significantly, also led to The spread of moral crimes such as sexual assault, adultery, and the enjoyment of killing others, as well as the development of violence and aggression through the practice of violent games.


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