Volume & Issue: Volume 44, Issue 1, March 2023 (JANUARY- MARCH) 
Side-Effect of Soil Fumigation and Soil Drench by some Methyl Bromide Alternatives on three Soil Enzyme Activities

Pages 1-13

Maher Ibrahim Aly; Ahmed Farahat EL-Aswed; Samh Abualyazed Alsahaty; Ayman Basyony Basyony

Economics of pure water production and marketing Alexandria Drinking Water Company

Pages 45-57

Elsayed Mahmoud Elsharkawy; Abd Elnaby Basiony Abid; Yasmin Salah Abd Elrazek; Islam B.B. Elmadany

Knowledge and Practices of Honey Beekeepers in Qena Governorate

Pages 97-111

Omar Safwat Youssef Omar; Afaf Abd el Fattah Galal Awadalla; Mostafa A.N. Siddik

An Economic Study of Wheat Post-Harvest Losses in Ismailia Governorate

Pages 113-133

Fatma Mohamed Ahmed Abd Elrahem; Eman Salem El.Batran; Shahira Mohamed Reda Ibrahim Attia; Sobhi Abd Elfattah Mostafa Alarag