Volume & Issue: Volume 37, October-December - Serial Number 4, December 2016 
Aluminum Intoxication through Leaching in Food Preparation

Pages 618-626

Suraiya Jabeen; Bisma Ali; Moazzam Ali Khan; Muhammad Bilal Khan; Syed Adnan Hasan

Population Fluctuation of the Main Prevailing Insects on Potato Plants, at ElNobaria Region, El-Behiera Governorate, Egypt

Pages 627-636

Mesbah H.A; Nagda A.A.El-Sayed; Magada Bahgat El-Kady; Nabil A.Hassan; Elham Abdel Fattah El-sawy

Response of Egyptian clover to Nano Clay Flakes in Newly Reclaimed Sandy Soils under Sprinkler Irrigation System

Pages 759-770

Kristian P. Olesen; S. M. Shehata; A. Bondok; Shereen M. El Nahrawy; A.y. El-Kerdany

Relationship between Life Satisfaction and Menopause Symptoms

Pages 581-597

Heba M. Y. Abdel Aziz; Laila M. I. El-Khordy; Ekram R. M. Soliman

Economic Evaluation for The Cultivated Sea Bass and Sea Bream in Different Mari Culture System in Valley Mariout, Alexandria, Egypt

Pages 656-665

Mahmoud A. Shafe; Abd el-naby B. Ebead; Mohamed A. Zaki; Zeinab M. Abd el-khalek; Shaimaa M. Haggag