Volume & Issue: Volume 39, OCTOBER- DECEMBER - Serial Number 4, December 2018 
Potentialities of Agricultural Development for Some Soil Along Aswan-Toshka District

Pages 578-595

Abdalsamad Abdalsatar Ali Aldabaa; Asmaa Abdu Shata; Kh. M. Darwish

Canola Seed Meal as a Potential Source of Natural Antioxidant

Pages 615-619

Sameh G. M. Sharaf eldin; Hamid M. S. Ziena; Soad T. M. Khair; Mahmoud A. Rozan

Importance of Education and Nutrition Intervention on Drug Addiction Recovery

Pages 676-685

Soheir Fouad Nour; Ekram R Soliman; Samirah A Al-Humaidi; Mamdouh A Abou-Rayan

Chemical Composition, Nutritional Quality and Anti-Nutritional Factors of Weaning Food Prepared From Maize and Legumes

Pages 686-694

Tesby Mohamed Rashad Lotfy; Asteer Victor Abd Elnoor; Marwa Zaki Mahfouz; Asmaa Khaled Shafik

Economic Study of Desertification in Egypt

Pages 403-412

Mahmoud El-Sharkawy; Sherin Ahmed Sherif; Hala Ali

Leadership Skills of The Agricultural Extension Agents in El-Behira Governorate

Pages 486-499

Mahmoud Talha Saaban; ElSawy Mohamed Anwar; Hassan Ali Hassan Sharshar; Hoda Abdel-Monem Maher; Eman Diaa EL-Deen Mohamed Mahamed Souka