Volume & Issue: Volume 40, OCTOBER- DECEMBER - Serial Number 4, December 2019 
Chemical and Sensory Properties of Black Rice Compared with Giza 177 Rice Cultivar

Pages 574-584

Ayman M. Abouel-Yazeed; Mohamed A.A. Nassar; Ragab A. Ebaid; Mona A.M. Hassan

Land Suitability Analysis for Crop Cultivation in A Newly Developed Area in Wadi Al-Natrun, Egypt

Pages 683-693

Osama R. Abd El-Kawy; Gamal M. Flous; Fawzy H. Abdel-Kader; Ahmad S. Suliman

Ecological and Phytochemical Studies on Brown Algae Sargassum muticum from Marsa Alam at Red Sea Coast, Egypt

Pages 743-753

Mohamed F. Azzazy; Ayyad S. M; Ashraf M. Nofal; Inas Z. Abdelsalam; M. S. Abousekken; Omar A.S. Tammam

Using Moringa Leaves in The Preparation and Fortifying of Food Products

Pages 343-357

Khadija N. M. Mostafa; Naglaa A.A. Hassan; Sameh M. H. Shehab; Hoda M. A. Ismail