Volume & Issue: Volume 36, OCTOBER- DECEMBER - Serial Number 4, December 2015 
Intercropping of Grain and Fodder Maize Crops under Different Nitrogen Levels and Cutting Dates

Pages 373-380

Ahmed M. Shaalan; Hassan E. Khalil; Ali I. Nawar; Mohamed M. El-salamouni

Synthesis and Herbicidal Activity of Heterocyclic Azlactone and Imidazolinone Derivatives

Pages 390-401

Yonis M. Badawy; Ali F. El-Sayed; Foaud Sh. Soliman; Mohamed S. Mohy-Aldin

Growth, Fruit Yield and Quality of Three Strawberry Cultivars as Affected by Mulch Type and Low Tunnel

Pages 402-414

Mohamed A. Soliman; Hala A. Abd El-Aal; Ramadan, A. Mohmed; Nabil N. Elhefnawy

Evaluation of Some Barley Landraces

Pages 416-421

Amer M. Abdel Aziz; Khamis I. Saad

The Role of Agricultural Exports in the Agricultural Economic Growth in Egypt

Pages 616-630

Ahmed A. El-Rasoul; Mahmoud A. Shafey; Sameh M. Shehab; Amna A. Hashem