Volume & Issue: Volume 34, October- December - Serial Number 4, December 2013 
In Vitro Propagation and Mutagenesis of Ruta Graveolens L. Plants

Pages 403-415

El- Torky M. G.; El- Shennawy, Ola A.; El-Mokadem, Hoda E.; El-Baz, Hend M.

Genetic Analysis of Root and Hypocotyl Color Traits in Sugar Beet

Pages 476-482

EL-Sayed A.K.; Nader R. Abdelsalam; Hayam, E. A. Ibrahim

Aspects and Indicators of Water Resources in The Nile Basin Countries

Pages 491-499

Olivia El-Sayed Saleh; Mohamed Mohamed El – Mahy; Sameh Mohamed Hassan Shehab; Yasmin Mohamed Mahmoud Zaki