Some Physical Traits of the Important Grains of Seeds Crops at EL-Jabal AL- Akhader

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Crops Department - College of Agriculture - Omar Al-Mukhtar University.


Means of length, width and thickness of wheat, barley and corn grains were 12.39, 3.66 & 3.535; 13.2, 6.2 & 3.58; 11.95, 8.21 and 64.97 mm respectively. Coefficient of variation values, mathematical and geometric means sphericity, flatness coefficient on mineral surfaces with increasing of friction coefficient to 0.48,0.44 and 0.49 of these grains, respectively. Differences were detected for, width and thickness of sunflower and faba  bean seeds, besides an increase of C.V 12.93 and 11.89%; mathematical mean 16.35, 5.93%, geometric mean 15.02, 49.09%; sphericity coefficient 33.43 and 11.72%; flatness coefficient 15.56, 16.37% slip angle 19.45, 28.46% and friction coefficient for both sunflower and faba bean seeds respectively.
Non  differences of bulk and true density between, both soybean and Chickpea seeds, and increasing of Cv 38.80% and sphericity of soybean and Seeds compared to chickpea 5.52%. Also, spling angles were  no-differences friction coefficient between both soybean and chickpea seeds.
In conclusion, these traits were important for crop grains and seeds handling, grading and storage treatments.


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