The Economic Impact of Some Breeds on The Total Factor Productivity of Rabbit Projects in Beheira Governorate

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1 Department of Regional Studies - Agricultural Economics Research Institute - 7 Nady El Seid St. - Organizations and Companies Building - Dokki - Giza (4th floor)

2 Agricultural Economics Research Institute - Agricultural Research Center - Egypt


The results of the research showed that there is a decrease in the actual capacity of mothers in rabbit production farms in Egypt and Beheira Governorate, amounting to 1,143, 439 rabbits, with a decrease rate of about 2.3%, 9.4%, which resulted in a decrease in the actual capacity of the production of rabbit farms, amounting to 101,682, 11,890 rabbits, at a rate A decrease of about 5.1%, 7.1% respectively during the period 2011–2022, which led to a decrease in the quantity produced of rabbit meat in Egypt by 26%, as it was estimated at about 11.2 thousand tons during the same period, while the average quantity produced of Rabbit meat: 43 thousand tons, representing about 3.4% of the average amount of white meat produced, the amount of red and white meat produced during the period under study was about 692, 1530 thousand tons, representing about 32.5%, 67.5% of the average amount of meat produced. 2222 thousand tons at the level of Egypt. On the other hand, the average quantity available for use of red and white meat during the same period was about 1099, 1587 thousand tons respectively. Therefore, the self-sufficiency rate reached 63.2%, 96.2% respectively in Egypt, resulting in a deficit. The average quantity of red and white meat was estimated at about 407, 57 thousand tons, with a deficit of  36.8%, 3.8%, respectively, during the study period.
Studying the most important breeds of rabbits in rabbit production farms in Beheira Governorate will have a role in contributing to filling the deficit or reducing the gap between the quantity produced and available for use for white meat while increasing their numbers of the best breed in Egypt and Beheira Governorate, Therefore, the research results concluded that the best breeds for producing rabbit meat at the level of Beheira Governorate in the research sample are the mixture breed resulting from the VLine and Alexandria breeds in terms of the number of offspring, which was reflected in an increase in the amount of meat from 1910 kg/year for the VLine and 2322 kg/year for the Alexandria to 2723 kg/year. For the mixture between them, this resulted in an increase in the total revenue and the net return, i.e. an increase in the net return of the mother from 787 pounds/year for the VLine and 1744 pounds/year for the Alexandria to 2486 pounds/year for the mixture. The results of the comparison between the three breeds showed that the food conversion factor for the breed (VLine, Alexandria, and mixture). It amounted to about 3,300, 3,257, 3,200 kg of fodder/rabbit, giving about 1,770, 1,837, 1,880 kg of meat/rabbit, respectively. It is clear from the results of the comparison between the three previously mentioned breeds that the mixture breed is the best in providing the amount of fodder in the cycle and is given weights. Larger than its counterpart, this resulted in an increase in the production efficiency factor from 80.8% for foam and 85.1% for Alexandria to 88.9% for the mixture and an increase in production efficiency in the optimal employment of production elements, in addition to the distinction of this breed in that it brought about an improvement in total factor productivity by 14.8% and the best technological change. A positive rate of 15.9% compared to the VLine and Alexandria breed.
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Necessity Directing the attention of breeders to replacing the mixture breed to produce rabbits instead of the VLine and Alexandria breeds due to the decrease in the amount of feed used in their fattening cycle and the production of a larger amount of meat than the two breeds.
The state must, through audio-visual media, create programs to direct consumers to consume rabbit meat because of its nutritional and health benefits to the consumer.


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