Estimating the Technical and Economic Efficiency of the Resources Used to Produce the Cotton Crop in Kafr AL-Sheikh Governorate

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1 Agricultural Economics and Agri-business department, Faculty of Agriculture, Menoufia University, Menoufia, Egypt

2 Professor of Agricultural Economics - Agricultural Economics Research Institute.


Cotton is represented the most important crop produced by Egypt. the relative importance of the cotton area in Kafr El-Sheikh governorate increased to 35.9%. while the relative importance of cotton production in Kafr El-Sheikh governorate did not exceed 33.3% compared to the area and production of cotton in Egypt. which called for interest in estimating the efficiency of using economic resources in cotton production farms in Kafr El-Sheikh Governorate. this objective was achieved by using DEA to estimate the technical and economic efficiency of 60 farms as study sample. which were divided into three categories.
The results of the study showed that the technical efficiency according to the concept of constant return to capacity ranged between 89% for the second category and 98% for the first category. the smallest area to indicate the importance of capacity economies. in contrast. the third category of sample farms was distinguished being the largest. the area achieved the highest estimate of economic efficiency 87%. followed by the first category with 86%. and the second category achieved the lowest estimate for the economic efficiency index. 77%.Recommendations: The efficient use of the used production elements to achieve technical and economic efficiency. also it is necessary to focus the efforts of the development and improvement programs on the categories of the second and primary farms. whose area ranges between an acre and less than an acre. as the estimates of economic efficiency indicators were the lowest among the categories of the study sample.

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