Vegetable Seeds Production in Egypt, in Particular the National Program for Vegetable Seeds Production (VSP)

Document Type : Original Article


1 Agricultural Economic Research Institute (AERI), Agricultural Research Centre(ARC)

2 Senior Researcher- Agricultural Economics Research Institute (AERI), Agricultural Research Center (ARC), Egypt.


The research aims to study the situation of seeds production, foreign trade, and the gap for vegetable seeds, as well as the situation and the achievements of the national program of vegetable seeds production. The research used the descriptive statistics, given the recent launch of the program in 2019. The results reveal that the value of Egypt's vegetables seeds exports and imports represents 6.74% and 55.56% of total seeds exports & imports respectively during 2015-2020, therefore, the gap (deficit) of vegetable seeds was reached an average of LE 761.3 million representing 61.74% of the total value of the deficit for seeds in Egypt. While the national program for VSP achieved during the year 2022, about 0.41% of the total seeds needed to cultivate the crops targeted by the program, and 2.4% of the quantity of imported seeds for these crops. As well as there are 316 breeds of vegetable crop seeds that were produced, 26 of registered hybrids, 17 promising hybrids, 4 hybrids under registration. According to the results achieved, the research presents the following recommendations:
- Conducting further studies to evaluate the achievements of the national program for VSP and to evaluate the productivity of vegetable seeds produced by the national program VSP to determine the extent of the program's success in equalizing the productivity of its imported counterpart.
- Devoting high attention to direct the activities of the national program for VSP to produce seeds that are compatible with different types of soil in the horizontal expansion projects.


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