Economic Analysis of Internal and External Marketing of Fish in Egypt

Document Type : Original Article


1 Department of Agricultural Economics - Faculty of Agriculture - Zagazig University.

2 Economics Research Institute - Agricultural Research Center.

3 faculty of agriculture, Benha university


The aim of this research was to estimate the productivity and marketing efficiency of fish in Egypt by identifying the production and consumption indicators of fish. It also studied the marketing efficiency of the most important fish varieties, in addition to examining the foreign trade of fish in Egypt. Finally, a current standardized model was built to estimate the structural relationships and elasticity coefficients to obtain the relative response degrees of internal variables accompanying possible changes in external factors. The results of the research indicated that marine fishing contributed to 10.14% of the total fish production in Egypt, with an average quantity of approximately 113.58 thousand tons during the study period. Its production ranged from a maximum of about 237.76 thousand tons in 2020 to a minimum of about 144.03 thousand tons in 2007. The remaining changes were attributed to other unmeasured factors. The results showed the statistical significance of the consumption quantity of fish (thousand tons), the quantity of exports (thousand tons), and the import price (dollars/ton). An increase in the consumption quantity of fish by 1% led to a 0.65% increase in the total production quantity. Similarly, a 1% increase in the quantity of exports led to a 0.077% increase in production quantity.


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