Knowledge of Farmers with Good Agricultural Practices in Maize Crop at El Gharbia Governorate

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Agricultural Extension and Rural Development Research Institute - Agricultural Research Center


This research aimed to identify knowledge of farmers with good agricultural practices in maize crop, Kafer El Zayat, El Santa and Kotor districts were selected from El Gharbia governorate, In the same way, one village were selected from each district: El Dalgamon from Kafer El Zayat district, Natay from El Santa district and Damat from Kotor district,
The total numbers of maize farmers in the selected three villages were 1790 farmers. A systematic random sample of 10% was taken to reach 179 respondents. A questionnaire was used to collect data for this research through personal interviews A different of statistical tools were used to analysis of research data: mean, standard deviation, simple and multiple correlation coefficients, and regression analysis (step- wise), percentage and frequencies.
The main findings of the research were as follows:

78,8% of respondents had moderate and low knowledge level with good agricultural practices in maize crop,
There were four independents variables significantly affected the degree of knowledge of farmers with good agricultural practices in maize crop and together explain 55,3% from its total variation which were: leadership (40,9%), extension communication (7,4%), respondent education (4,4%) and regenerative (2,6%)
The main sources of respondents with good agricultural practices in maize crop were: family and relatives, production supplies dealers and agricultural guide,
The most important problems faced the respondents were: high prices of chemical fertilizers (95%), high prices of agricultural pesticides (94>4%) and insufficiency of the annual courses disbursed by agricultural society (89,9%)

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