Economic Analysis of the Production of the Most Important Grain Crops (Wheat and Rice) in Kafr El-Sheikh Governorate

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Agricultural Economics Research Institute


Wheat and rice crops are among the most important food grain crops in Egypt, on which most of the population depends for their food. There is a nutritional gap in the wheat crop that is covered by importing from abroad in hard currency. Rice is also an export crop that the state relies on to increase its harvest of hard currency, and the research problem was: that the production does not meet the need for food consumption from it, as in the wheat crop, and the emergence of a food gap that is covered by import from abroad, and the resources are not used efficiently in the production of the two crops, and the research aimed to estimate economic efficiency to reach Better use of resources to produce these two crops, and the research relied on the method of descriptive and quantitative analysis of data and standard analysis of production functions and cost functions, and determining the optimal size of production and the maximum size of profit for each of the two research crops, and the most important results of the research were that there is a statistically significant annual increase of about 1.9%, while It increased by about 1% of the average area for each of the wheat and rice crops, respectively, and the optimal size was about 37.8 ardab achieved at an area of  1.8 acres, while the maximum size of the profit was about 25.2 ardab at an area of about  7 acres, and the optimal size of the wheat and rice crop was about 2 .61 tons was achieved on an area of about 3 acres, while the bulk of the profit was about 28.4 tons achieved on an area of 6.1 acres. The research recommends working to increase the net yield per acre of the two forage crops by reducing production costs and raising the farm price for them, and using technological methods to increase their productivity per acre, and to increase the economic efficiency of the elements of production The cultivated area for wheat and rice crops in the Republic amounted to about 3.6, 1.3 million acres for the two crops, while the cultivated area in Kafr El-Sheikh Governorate amounted to about 216.4, 258.35 thousand acres for the two crops, respectively, in 2021 /2022

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