Economic Efficiency of The Impact of Applying Modern Technology on Sugar Beet ‎Production in Egypt (A Case Study in Fayoum Governorate)

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Agricultural Economic Research Institute - Agricultural Research Center - Giza – Egypt


The population increase represents a challenge to the growing and continuous demand for increasing ‎the supply of sugar in Egypt, and the research problem is represented in the inability of the total sugar ‎production to cover the growing needs of consumers, which led to the existence of a nutritional gap and ‎the amount of sugar imports with an average of about 1064.7 and 903.1 thousand tons, respectively, ‎during the period (2002 - 2021), and the continuous rise in the prices of production inputs and the rise ‎in labor costs led to a decline. In the economic yield of sugar beet. Studying and conducting an analysis ‎of variance and the Least Significant Difference (LSD) test to test the application of technology to ‎production for the data collected through the Fayoum questionnaire, and to study the comparative ‎variance analysis between productivity, total costs, and total revenues. And the net yield of the three ‎methods for the statistical significance of the model, where the value of (F) was about 14.3, 10.1, ‎‎26.433, 49.7, respectively, by estimating the optimal volume of production for the three methods, ‎where the first and the second method were estimated at about 23.6 tons / feddan, while the second ‎method was estimated at about 25.9 tons / feddan, while the third method was estimated at about 28.1 ‎tons / feddan during the study period.


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