Effect of Pre-Harvest Sprays with Calcium and Ascorbic Acid on Fruit Quality of Olive

Document Type : Original Article


1 Desert Research Center, Cairo, Egypt

2 Agri-Industrialization Unit, Plant Production Department, Desert Research Center


The trial was conducted through 2017, 2018 and 2019 seasons on 9 years old "Kalamata" olives cultivated at 5×5 m apart in sandy soil. Trees were irrigated from a well using a drip irrigation system. To investigate the effects of calcium chloride and ascorbic acid as foliar spray Firstly: on yield and fruit quality, Secondly: on the next flowering, fruit set of "Kalamata" olive trees.
Sprayed "Kalamata" olive trees with calcium chloride at (1.0 and 1.5%), ascorbic acid at (1500 and 2000 ppm) and calcium chloride at 1.5% combined with ascorbic acid at 2000 ppm were carried out at three times, in mid- May (end of fruit set), in mid-June (during pit hardening) and in performed second week of October.  
The results revealed that calcium chloride and ascorbic acid foliar spray induced a positive effect on leaf chlorophyll and calcium content, yield, biennial bearing index, fruit quality i.e. pulp thickness and pulp oil content as compared with control treatment of "Kalamata" olive. They also improved the next flowering; number of panicle/shoot, number of total flowers/ panicle, fruit set compared to untreated trees.
Briefly, foliar spray "Kalamata" olive trees with calcium chloride at 1.5% plus ascorbic acid at 2000 ppm at three times during fruit development was able to improve yield and fruit quality also, it enhanced the next flowering and fruit set.


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