The Needs its Reengineering the Administrative Processes of Agricultural Extension Organization and its Relationship with Som Organizational Variables from the View Point of the Extension Work Leaders

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Agricultural Recearch Center


This research aimed to determine the needs of the agricultural extension organization to reengineering the administrative process as seen by the agricultural extension leaders, identify the relative importance of the dimensions of the re-engineering, as well as to study the relationship between needs of administrative processes (reengineering) from the point of view of the respondents and som independent variables which were the degree of regenerative, using the modern technology and organizational commitment.
The data were collected during the period Des. 2021- Feb 2022 through personal interviews by using  questionnaire from 185 respondents in the research area. Tables, Frequencies , Percentages and Simple Correlation were used to present and analyzing the study data.
  The main results of the research were:     
1-    More than three quarters of agricultural extension leaders (77.30%) mentioned that the needs level of the Agricultural Extension Organization to re-engineering the administrative processes were medium .
2-    Improving the extension service provided to farmers came in the first place in terms of its relative importance in the process of re-engineering administrative operations.
3-  It was also found a positive and significant relationship (0.01 level) between the needs degree to reengineering the administrative processes of Agricultural Extension Organization and use of modern technology" in it.


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