The Economic Impact of Infection of Farm Animals with Some Epidemic Diseases in the New Valley Governorate

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The research aimed to identify the reasons for the Cow fattening projects represent a relative importance in their contribution to the number of meat animals. as they amounted to about 36% of the total meat animals in Egypt in 2020. and the problem was the spread of some epidemic diseases. Production at the sample level showed that the most influencing factors on the quantity of production are the weight of the calf at the beginning of fattening. the amount of green. dry and concentrated fodder. and the statistical significance of the elasticities of the previous production elements. amounting to about 0.415. 0.251. 0.158. 0.263. respectively. was proven. and the total elasticity of the model reached 1.1. which is It reflects the non-use of available resources in efficient use. and the value of (R2) indicates that the previous variables explain about 71% of the changes in production. and by estimating the cost function for the total sample. the two civil volumes of costs and the majority of profit are about 490 and 589 kg. respectively. and by estimating the overall economic impact as a result of the influence of The second category for the total sample infected with diseases amounted to about 933.3 thousand pounds. as it turned out that most of the problems facing the breeders of fattening cows were the lack of servants The study recommended the need to activate the role of health insurance in fattening cows. and the need to provide health units. and support the necessary and effective vaccinations and serums.


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