A Study of The Reasons for The Reluctance of Bedouin Women to Home Gardens Innovation in Matrouh Governorate

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This research aims to study the reasons for reluctance of Bedouin women to Innovation home gardens in Matrouh Governorate. It is considered as a type of analytical studies of studied variables, concepts and, testing causal hypotheses. It relies on using social survey, where a simple random sample of 107 Bedouin women, wives of members of agricultural cooperative societies in three villages in Matrouh district, was withdrawn and distributed to selected villages. The data was collected by personal interviews during October and November of 2022. In analyzing the data, numerical counting, tabular presentation with frequency, percentages, arithmetic mean, Pearson's simple correlation coefficient, and regression coefficient were applied by using the computer program of the statistical package for the social sciences SPSS.
The most important results were as follows:
- (3.7%) of respondents whom the gardens have been published fall into rejection during the stage of awareness and attention, (22.4%) in the stage of ignoring and not paying attention to the newcomer, (25.2%) in the stage of leaving the mental assessment, (29.0%) in the stage of leaving experimentation, (13.1%) left the evaluation after experimentation, and (6.5%) rejected after evaluating the experimentation process.
-The results showed that the studied independent variables contribute together to explain 48.2% of the variance in the dependent variable, where the value of F was (48.367), this value is significant at the probabilistic level 0.01, that 34.8% of it is attributed to the area of ​​the home garden, and that 3.4% is attributed to the variable of exposure to sources agricultural information.


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