Educational Impact of the Training Programme “Indicative Education for Rural Women on the Practices of Rationalizing the Consumption and Recycling of Household Oils” in the Central Egypt Area

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Desert research center


The research aimed to identify the educational impact of the training program "Raising rural woman's awareness of the practices of rationalizing the consumption and recycling of cooking oils" in the Middle Egypt area, north-west of Elmenia governorate, follows the” Graduate Land Development” project and Implemented through (ECIVC) Program, funded by the Desert Research Centre, the research was conducted to 34 trainees of rural women who benefited from the training. The personal interview collected by questionnaire, data were presented and analyzed by SPSS software. Results showed that the exposure to the training program changed women knowledge related to practices of rationalizing the cooking  oils consumption and recycling their residues ways by a positive total change represeneted by 47.2% of total grades to be obtained after exposure to the program; There is a positive difference at the significance level (0.01) between the two average research knowledge scores to implement both rational consumption practices of cooking oils and recycling their residues before and after exposure to the program, Having a positive significant correlation at the significance levels (0.01) and (0.05) between the dependent variable and each of: Participation in training courses, readiness for change, utilization of agricultural guidance information, practical situation, economic activity and social situation,There is a signficant positive regression relationshipat significance leves (0.01) with utilization of agricultural guidance  information, and in training courses  and the variables contribute to the explanation of the variation of 35.2%, 10.2%, respectively. The research recommends to establish regulatory entity to support rural women's efforts in family industries.


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