Farmers, Attitudes towards Use of Social Media in Agricultural Extension Work in Fayoum Governorate

Document Type : Original Article


Faculty of Agriculture, Fayoum University, Department of Agricultural Economics


The research aimed to determine respondents, attitudes towards use of social media (WhatsApp, Facebook. YouTube, Messenger, Instagram) in agricultural extension work, and to identify the agricultural extension topics that respondents wish to obtain through the studied social media, as well as identifying the ways which the respondents prefer to display information on the studied social media, and to study the correlational relationships between the degree of respondents, attitudes towards use of some social media in extension work and some of the studied variables, and to identify the most important obstacles facing respondents to use social media in agricultural extension work, and their suggestions to overcome them.
Study was conducted in Kafur al-nil and Banisaleh villages in Fayoum destrict that were randomly selected. The sample according to the equation of Kersjian Morgan, reached 340 respondents, which represents 11.8% of the total comprehensive study.
Findings showed that the majority of respondents (67.1%) had either positive or neutral attitudes towards using social media to obtain agricultural information at 41.2% and 25.9% for each respectively.
Also Findings showed that the most influential variables on respondents, attitudes towards using social media in agricultural extension work were:  the degree of knowledge of the advantages of using social media, number of education years, age, and the attitudes towards change, and that the contribution of the variables  together in interpreting variance in the dependent variable was 77.5%.


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