Keywords = Salinity
Alleviation of Salt Stress in Nigella Sativa L. By Gibberellic Acid and Rhizobacteria

Volume 38, October-December, October 2017, Pages 785-799

Nahed, M. Rashed; Awad. Y. Shala; Mahmoud A. Mahmoud

The Impacts of Silicon and Salicylic Acid Amendments on Yield and Fruit Quality of Salinity Stressed Tomato Plants

Volume 38, October-December, October 2017, Pages 933-939

Hasaan. A. Elkhatib; Saide M. Gabr; Alaa H. Roshdy; Mostafa M. Abd Al-Haleem

Evaluation of Some Egyptian Bread Wheat (Triticum aestivum) Cultivars under Salinity Stress

Volume 38, April-June, June 2017, Pages 259-270

Maha A. Gadallah; Sanaa I. Milad; Mabrook, Y. M. Mabrook, Y. M.; Amira Y. Abo Yossef; Gouda M. A.

Synergistic Effects of Biofertilizers and Antioxidants on Growth and Nutrients Content of Corn under Salinity and Water-Deficit Stresses

Volume 33, October-December, October 2012, Pages 292-304

Ahmed M. Mahdy; Nieven O. Fathi; Mahrous M. Kandil; Ashraf E. Elnamas