Competitive Exports of Egyptian Grapes in The Most Important Countries of The European Union

Document Type : Original Article


1 Senior Researcher - Central Laboratory for Agricultural Climate (CLAC) - Agricultural Research Center


3 Researcher - Department of Agricultural Economics - Faculty of Agriculture - Ain Shams University


Egypt ranks fourth globally and second locally in grape production after citrus, as the production of Egyptian grapes reached about 1.4 million tons in 2022, and the best export months for Egyptian grapes are in June and July of each year, so it enjoys strong competition in the European Union markets, where Egypt has an exemption from customs duties within the export seasons, according to the Egyptian-European Participation Agreement in 2002, and despite the relative importance of Egyptian grape exports However, it is characterized by fluctuation and instability, as well as the low percentage of Egyptian exports in relation to the volume of production during the study period (2018-2022), and it was found that Egyptian grapes were exposed to strong competition from grape exporting countries within the most important importing markets, due to the late emergence of Spanish grape production in that period, which is considered the largest competitor to Egyptian grapes in the English market, and Italian grapes in the  Dutch market, which indicates the strength of competition for Egyptian grapes in export markets, and for this the research aims to study The competitive position of Egyptian exports in the English market and  the Dutch market for grapes during the study period.


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