Keywords = Maize
An Economic Study of Maize Crop in Ismailia Governorate

Volume 44, Issue 2, June 2023, Pages 271-286

Shimaa Mostafa Abo sena

Assessment of Egyptian Maize Hybrids for Their Capability of Plant Regeneration using Immature Embryo Culture

Volume 42, Issue 3, September 2021, Pages 619-627

Shaimaa M. Awad-Allah; Yohana Kuku; Sanaa I. Milad; M. N. Barakat

Grain Quality of Maize Cultivar Giza 168 as Affected by Levels of Irrigation, Sowing Date, Plant Density and Macronutrients

Volume 41, OCTOBER- DECEMBER, December 2020, Pages 455-470

Ola E. Zakaria; Mohamed M. El-Rouby; Mona M. Hemeid

Comparison of some New Maize Hybrids Response to Mineral Fertilization and some Nanofertilizers

Volume 38, July-September, September 2017, Pages 506-514

Gomaa M. A.,; F. I. Radwan; E. E. Kandil; D. H. H. Al- Challabi

Effect of Plant Density and intercropping Pattern on yield and Competitive Relationships of Maize and Cowpea

Volume 37, April-June, June 2016, Pages 231-240

Mohammed A. Hassan; Maged S. S. Ba-Muaafa; Kamela A.R. Ibrahim

Rotational Crop Sequences and N Fertilization Levels Effect on Maize Growth and Productivity

Volume 35, JULY-SEPTEMBER, September 2014, Pages 154-161

Ahmed M. Shaalan; Nagwa R. Ahmed; Amr S.A. Shams; Hassan E. Khalil